PT. Gracia Inti Sejahtera

Established in 1996 (Jakarta, Indonesia), PT. GRACIA INTI SEJAHTERA focuses in Industrial Maintenance Products and other Supporting Products, with expertise in plastic injection industry. Gracia offers the best value and quality product.


Our Products

Mould Release Agent

Gracia Super Silicone Mould Release Spray used as mould release in plastic injection or blowing process.

Rust Protector

Rust Protector effectively reduces corrosion on metal parts.

Metal Parts Tools Cleaner

Metal Parts Tool Cleaner used to clean all metal surface from dust, oil, etc.

Penetrating Spray

PN7701 Spray is a penetrating liquid used for industrial machines and parts.

Multi-Purpose Lubricant

MP-50 is a multi purpose lubricant for many applications

Smoke Odor Remover

Smoke Odor remover rapidly removes indoor room odor like cigarette smoke or many other type of odor.